Just Visiting for the Day?

For people not planning to spend the night but want to fish, swim, picnic, etc., we have a day usage rate covering all activities except camping and canoeing. Kids under 16 are free with parents except for special event days.

See rate sheet for current prices.

Shuttle Service

If you have your own canoes and/or kayaks, we'll help you set up shuttle. We'll take you as far upstream as you want in either your vechicle or ours. Please let us know how far you're going and when you'll arrive. See rate sheet for current prices.

Pet Policy

We presently have eight or more medium size dogs which we need to keep the varmints away from the campsites. All dogs are current on shots. Those other creatures you see are not our pets but are probably some of the locals that look like mountain goats. Bring your pets but don't let them bite the attendant or he may choose to increase your camping fee. Be responsible for your pet. Keep them on a leash and under control. Keep your husband on a leash also if you think it is necessary. You may want to keep him away from the topless swimming area. It is required that you feed our dogs some steak scraps. Our dogs at present are: Bloopie, Baby Girl, LuLu, George, Bear, Boney, Gracie and Sugar plus five Chihuahuas but you have to donate food money before you can see them. We do not really have a topless area.

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