The Kiamichi Mountains mostly consists of rolling hills, steep ridges and valleys. They are surrounded by the Winding Stairs mountains to the north and the Arbuckle mountains to the west and the Ouachitas to the east. There are several lakes and rivers in the range and a wide range of diverse wildlife. In a word, the Kiamichis are a beautiful, still largely undevleoped gem just 2.5 hours from three major population areas.

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Pushmataha County, Oklahoma - One of the largest counties in Oklahoma with many lakes, streams and mountains. In 2008 we added our second stoplight in Antlers. Better get here before it gets too crowded! Does that give you any ideas for a getaway? Our county has 8.6 people per square mile. Compare that to your apartment complex! Come to K River Campground and escape the crowd. Just two blocks off the highway, right on the Kiamichi River. You can paddle our river all day without seeing other people unless you count Bigfoot as a people.

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