K River Do’s & Dont's

We don't like to use the word rules, so we’ll call these do’s & dont’s. Most of these items never pose a problem, but they’re worth repeating just to say we did.


  • respect quiet hours (9pm-9am)
  • remember when you’re out here even speaking voices carry.
  • drive vehicles and ATV's on established trails/roads only.
  • turn off your car alarm, no need for them here.
  • keep aggressive or hyper-excited dogs on a leash.
  • leave your campsite clean.
  • dispose of trash only in the dumpster.
  • use water for personal use only, not to wash vehicles.
  • secure food items overnight, we often have non-human visitors!
  • have fun!


  • drive faster than 5mph.
    Tom is serious about this one.
  • throw cans, bottles or plastic in fire rings.
  • build fires anywhere other than designated fire rings.
  • start campfires with liquid accelerants.
  • leave without completely extinguishing your campfire.
  • play excessively loud car stereos at anytime.
  • attempt to get too close to the wildlife.
  • disrespect your fellow campers with obnoxious behavior.
  • allow children under 6 unsupervised by an adult anywhere in the campground.
  • even think about doing illegal drugs or underage drinking.
  • ignite fireworks.
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