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Gold Prospecting

The Gold Prospectors Association Of America Chapter 21 and others have located flakes and nuggets of pure gold along our riverfront. Their overall results were better than many other places they have been. Bring your gold pan and give it a try. (Grandma’s old pie tin will do just fine.) Keep all the gold you find. The GPAA folks have meetings at our camp several times a year. They love to show greenhorns how to find gold so come and try it. Watch the Event Calendar so you know their schedule. We do sell gold panning kits, see rate sheet.

padding for gold


Camping is fun all the time. We offer real wilderness camping with lots of shady trees and riverbank camping. There are some remote spots along the river farther from the main campground. Purchase our bundles of firewood. Cook in the provided fire ring.  It is best to bring a clean grill top to use on the fire ring.

A country store, post office, beauty shop, storage facility and laundromat are within a mile of the campground. Camping supplies are available at the country store. Washer/dryer, firewood and ice are available at the camp.

There is one bathhouse for the women with two of everything. There is one bathhouse for the men with two of everything and they are both heated during the winter. Both men’s and women’s have hot showers and are centrally located for convenience.

We also have a new club room that has a pool table, card table, foosball, DVD movies, books, computer and kitchen.  Enough room for a meeting or a meal for your group.

There is a covered pavilion for cooking/eating or meetings. 



We have a very large variety of birds with tropical colors like bright blue (not bluebirds or blue jays) yellow and gold. You’ll see lots of finches and buntings. See multiple varieties of woodpeckers, turkeys and even eagles. It would be nice if some of you experts would identify the various species for us. We have lots of foot-tall Pileated woodpeckers. We also have an occasional Bigfoot sighting. Bigfoot may be a bird as far as I know.



Flow should be 100 cfs or more for canoe trips (2000 cfs is very exciting). When the water is too low for down-river trips, you can still enjoy paddling and/or floating on our campground river frontage.

To plan an overnight canoe trip, please see this page for additional information.

We currently have 40 canoes and 6 kayaks. Some canoes hold three so it’s possible for 100 or more to float the river at one time. Additional canoes available when we receive advanced notification. Our group camping areas and canoe trips make a great outing for churches, scouts and others. We transport you upriver and you paddle or float back to the campground where you may go to your camping area without waiting for the entire group. Read all about the Kiamichi River at our links/info page. The first float trip begins eight miles upriver requiring three to five hours. Unless otherwise arranged, all trips end at the campground, so you may set your own pace. Half- and full-day rentals are available. Price includes canoe, paddles, personal floatation devices and delivery to launch site.

Canoeing is year around but best in spring, early summer and late fall. After a good rain, fast moving water brings you quickly down the river with a few class II rapids along the way. The river may produce class III rapids after a heavy rain. See rapids level classification here. This usually happens in the spring. When water is low, the float is a gentle ride with a chance to enjoy nature. The river is mostly long-pools separated by class II rapids every couple miles. Low water levels require lots of paddling and some dragging. The water is warm in the summer in case you tip over. July, August and September are usually not good for river trips.

The Kiamichi is a big river, not a stream. It is wide and deep in some places and shallow with rapids in others. The river becomes exciting when the water level is between 2000 and 6000 cfs. Above 6000cfs, it levels out with a flat, swift current. If you flip your canoe, you could be in the water a while longer. You cannot touch bottom at these levels. Bring your (waterproof) camera and film the adventure. If you no longer want it, bring an expensive cell phone. Most which folks bring are still out there in the river somewhere.

Full-moon night floats are fun and exciting. Longer trips and overnight trips are available. During the wet season it’s possible to canoe three or four days if you like, camping along the way.  You are welcome to go without a guide. In fact, we don't have a guide. Just don't take a wrong turn on the river.

Call first if planning to canoe. If water level is too low for canoe trips, campers may use the canoes for a reduced charge in the water near the campground. We have a one mile stretch of deep water on the river on which you may paddle around and maybe catch a few fish. Be sure to read about the river conditions at "Kiamichi River Link" or "Tom's Commentary".



Old timers delight! No hills to climb! Instead, we have an old railroad bed with lots of tree varieties and abundant wildlife. Hopefully no hungry bears!

hiking trail


Fishing is good all the time and must be easy if I can catch them. Bait is available at the old store just one mile from camp. The river is excellent for bass, catfish and bream. Sand bass and crappie are plentiful in the spring. You can fish from the bank or from a canoe.We also have a fishing pond for the kids. A half-mile up the road is Buck Creek with nice rapids for fly fishing, spring and early summer is the best time. We also have several large fishing lakes nearby. Largemouth and Kentucky spotted bass fishing is really good when floating down the river.  Just cast a few lures while your wife does the paddling. If you’re really good you can get her to clean them too. This is a warm water river and has all the varieties of warm water fish. Sorry, no trout. The river is fished very little and loaded with catch. Serious anglers say the water is perfect. It’s fairly clear but not so much that the fish can’t hide. Come catch some! Set your chair right on the bank under a shady tree, throw in your line and take life easy. It is common to catch two pound crappie and five pound bass if you try different areas of the river.

We charge $1 per pound for the ones that get away. We may raise the price soon if some of those fish stories don't stop. Fishing licenses are available at the old store just one mile from the campground.


Swimming & Tubing


There is a nice swimming hole with a long gravel beach on our riverfront and it’s a good place for all ages and sizes. There are shady areas to sit while the kids swim. The Kiamichi is very clean and unpolluted with a very comfortable feeling to it. The water is clear when it hasn't rained recently. We also have private areas for your group to swim. There are no giant squid, sharks, anacondas, alligators or sea monsters to interrupt a peaceful swim. No guarantees concerning otter, beaver, gar, snapping turtles, leaches, crawdads, giant mussels and curious male employees. Bring your own tubes and floaties. The Kiamichi is one of the cleanest rivers in the U.S. There are no upstream factories, chicken houses and very little farming along its entire 200 mile length.

swim and tube

Everything Else

Enjoy volleyball, horseshoes, canoeing, kayaks, hiking, fishing, swimming, pan for gold (we do have gold in our river), bird watching for unique wood peckers and eagles, rock hunting and arrowhead hunting, look for Bigfoot, search for outlaw hidden treasure, collect mussel shells, catfish noodlin’, play with the dogs, go site seeing, watch for swamp rabbits, catch a baby red-ear turtle, cook over an open fire, star gaze, listen to night creatures, roast marshmallows, slap a few mosquitoes, moonlight canoe, watch the fireflies, listen to tree frogs, coyotes, and hoot owls, drink any beverage you like, etc, etc, etc.

We have lots of nice roadways and trails for bicycle riding. The dogs may remove some of your toes but it will be fun until then. No need to worry though, the hospital is only eight miles away. Bring your ATV for riding around the camp to the bathhouse, swimming hole, etc. Speed limit is 5 mph.

We have lots of Bigfoot stories if you care to hear them or even if you don't care to hear them.

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