K River Campground is a great place for family or group campouts or picnics, reunions, church trips, scout camps, company outings, etc. Reserve an entire section of the campground or a tent site just for you.

Don't expect a fancy concrete RV Resort with a swimming pool and no trees. We offer a natural setting for camping and RV's that pretty much gets you back to nature. Our only significant camp rule is that other campers do not have to hear loud noise (especially radios) from your direction. Just come and have fun. Relax in the shade overlooking the river, it will be here when you are.

From volleyball to gold-panning, we offer many activities for the entire family. Please see our activities page for more information. Feel free to bring your own frisbees, footballs and monopoly games. If you invite Tom to play anything, the campground policy is you have to let him win.

K River Campground came about because of a detour I took one day in 2001 while visiting my mother and father in Comanche, OK. I decided to take the scenic route back to Longview, TX by driving through southeast Oklahoma.

I stopped for coffee and picked up a local trade paper and saw an ad for riverfront property for sale. I always wanted to own some riverfront property. Being Sunday, the real estate agent did not answer the phone. I drove up along side the Kiamichi River looking for a "for sale" sign but found none. I did scout around some looking at the scenery and mountains and the river. I was impressed. The next day I called about the ad and made a quick trip to see the place. I thought it would be a good place to invest some money so I bought it.

That was the beginning. The previous owners, David and Barbara, had begun an RV park and canoeing business but were losing interest after a tornado destroyed all their dreams. All the large trees were blown down and other damage occurred. Rebuilding would be a really big job. I gave no thought at the time to continuing the park. I just wanted the place for a family getaway and something to play with. We went camping there often and sure enough lots of friends and family began to join us. Lots of fun for them.Lots of work and expense for me. I must insert here that a few did help out. At this point the wife and I decided that we would re-open the RV park and let the friends pay for camping. They never came back, oh well.

But others did. Since that time I have had a barrel of fun and met a ton of pleasant people. I now have a captive audience for my jokes and always have someone around to pick on. Campers are the most enjoyable people. They leave all work and family problems at home and I get to enjoy their good side. Neat, huh? I think so.

So now we have a campground and RV park. It has turned into quite a bit of work. I get lots of local help and have my paid helpers as well. We began with no borrowed money and plan to keep it that way. Our park will not be the fanciest you can find but we keep it clean and manicured and good facilities that fit the need of campers. Load up the wife, kids and dog and a small amount of money and come see us. We will guarantee you a good time or none of your money back.

Come see us. We'll treat you good. If the help doesn't treat you right let me know and I will fire them. I fire them at least twice a week now so a few more times won't matter.

Tom Garrett

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